Delayed, suspended, and abandoned web design projects

Project delays are very problematic and costly to both, the client and our web development team. A web design project is suspended in ANY of the following cases: Temporary Suspension Request: The client may request a temporary suspension of the project, not exceeding 90 days (3 months). Lack of Communication: If […]

How to upload photos to photo gallery?

eLab Communications CMS system allows you to upload unlimited photos to your Photo Gallery. First, you need to create a “Photo Album” in order to keep your photos organized. From the “Photo Gallery” section Click on “Add Album“ Enter your “Album Name“ Upload an optional cover photo to your album Save […]

How to Add/Edit Product Categories

To add a product to your eCommerce store, open your “Store” module, then: 1. Click on “Manage Categories” 2. Click on “Add Category” 3. Choose Category Type No Parent: Used for brand new product category Other: Used when this is a sub category 4. Enter “Category Name” 5. Choose cover photo […]

How to add slider images

You can easily upload multiple slider images to your homepage. Tip: We recommended no more than 3 images stay active at the same time. Two (2) is the magic number as 90% of web visitors see slide 1 and the rest of %10 are spread among the other secondary slides! […]

How to Upload Products Images

Our user-friendly drag and drop image library allow you to upload your product’s images in few clicks. When you create a new product or edit an existing one, open the “Images” tab: Choose file(s) to “Upload“ Select “Main Image“ Reorder “Additional Images” by dragging and dropping the image boxes Hit […]

How to Add Products

To add a product to your eCommerce store, open your “Store” module, then: 1. Click on “Add Product” 2. Select “Product Category” 3. Enter “Product Name” 4. Fill out the “General Price” and “Shipping” information 5. Add product “Description” 6. Check “Ask for Price” if you want customers to contact […]

How to upload images to articles and web pages

Adding an image to your blog/article post or any web page is pretty easy. This article will show you how to upload images along best practices. IMAGE PREPARATION Before you upload an image to your website, we highly recommend that you optimize the image size (actual dimensions “width/height”) and reduce […]

What is transient options in WordPress database

Transient options are builtin WordPress cache system, which helps speeding up your website. It basically stores the requested data of WordPress database for a limited time period so it can be used when a web visitor requests the same data within that cached time period. In few words this helps […]

Simple Tips to Speed Your WordPress Website

Do you know that the page load time of a website can affect its ranking in search results? Have you ever tested the speed of your website? Don’t worry if your website takes more time than others. You can follow some simple tips to lower the load time of your […]

How to Add/Edit Articles

Subscribers using our Articles Module can easily add blog or article entries and categorize them accordingly. Adding A New Article From your Dashboard: Click on “Articles” located on your left navigation Choose “Add New Article” or use the Top Navigation shortcut Add New > Article Enter “Title“, i.e. name of […]