What is managed domain name service?

Through our secure domain name registrars and DNS service providers, eLab Communications fully manage your domain name offering the following:

Domain Lock Service
Blocks hackers, former employees and unauthorized users from transferring your domain name to their account, i.e. stealing/hijacking your domain name.

Automatic Renewal 
Many companies and organizations have lost thier domain names due to failing to renew thier domain name. With our managed domain services, all your renewals are automatic so you don’t lose this very important asset.

Domain Name Server Management
We power your critical DNS settings which is the backbone of your mail service, web hosting, hosted VOIP while ensuring fast DNS propagation when any of your DNS records are needed.

Fast Loading Websites
Through the use of CDN, your website content is replicated to multiple geographical locations so users can view your website in a lighting-fast way!

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