How can I add new page on my website?

The Website Manager allows you to add/edit/update your non-dynamic website pages.

You can add a new page in two simple ways:

I- From the Website Manager tab on left column:

  • Go to the Website Manager
  • Choose Edit Website
  • Click on Add New Page



II. Alternatively, you may add a new page through the top bar shortcut:

  • Click on Add New
  • Select Page




When you create a new page, make sure you fill out and/or select the appropriate options.

Let’s first go over the different tabs within the Website Editor:

General Tab:  This is the section where you normally add your web content and required page information, such as: custom name and URL of your new page, category/section, where to show

Meta Tags: Allows you to set your meta keywords for Search Engine Listings and Optimization. Meta Tags consists of Title, Keywords, and Description.

Widget: Area to select optional or custom widgets that was built and/or enabled for your use.


1. Choose the ‘Parent‘ i.e. main page or category of the new page.

Scenario: Let’s say you have ‘About Us’ page as a ‘Parent Section’ on your site’s navigation menu. Now, you decided to add a new page called ‘Our Mission’ and should be labeled under ‘About Us’ as a sub page. Select the ‘Parent Section’ from the dropdown menu so the new page is listed in the correct spot.

2. Give a unique and meaningful name to your page. ex: Our Mission

3. Choose where to ‘Show on Top’ Header and/or “Show on Footer” sections. Header refers to the top ‘Navigation Menu’ while Footer refers to the optional ‘Quick Links’ in your site’s footer section.

4. Select if the new page created is a “Page” or a “Link”. A Link page acts as a forwarder button to another URL ‘Website Address’.

5. Upload an optional custom cover photo or banner to the page. If you don’t upload one, the default image will show up.

6. Customize the URL of your page as this is important for Search Engine Listings and Optimization.

Tip: Always use lowercase and hyphen to separate words. Example: our-mission

7. If you just want to save this page as a draft, choose ‘Inactive’ from the Status dropdown

8. To Schedule your page to be posted on certain date, select your preferred time and date.

9. Remember to ‘Save’ your page

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