How to send an email campaign?

Depending on your subscribed plans, you may send email campaigns to your address book contacts via our Standalone Email Marketing Platform.

To create a campaign, assuming you already have a template in place, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Send A Campaign” button
  2. Choose the “Contacts” recipients list
  3. Select “Templates” in order to use a predesigned template*
  4. Roll over your mouse over the desired “Template
  5. Choose “Select & Edit
  6. Enter email “Subject“, “From” and “From Email” fields
  7. Customize the template with your own content (text and images)
  8. Click on “Save Template” button located on top of the page

Advanced Tip: If you want to attach a document to your email campaign, click on “Add Attachment” button to upload your file(s).

Your next task is to ensure that the email looks good and choose your desired send time.

  1. Click on “Send Test” button so you can view your email
  2. If you’re not ready to send the email, i.e. want to modify further, click on “Save As Draft
  3. Click on “Send Campaign” if you’re ready to send your email

* When you select a “Template“, many fields are auto-filled and are editable for additional customization.

Campaign Options: You may schedule your email to be sent out on a specific time. Choose your desired time from the “When To Send” dropdown menu.