How does managed services work?

Depending on your contract and SLA (Service Level Agreement), eLab Communications covers essential maintenance services such as your server infrastructure, content management system infrastructure, eCommerce platform and much more.

Regardless of your SLA, managed maintenance works in these four steps:

  1. Initial Setup and Backup
    We backup your website and install a mirror site to be used while testing new updates, patches and custom modules
  2. Task Manager Access to Send Requests
    Issue your company’s approved point of contact(s) secure login to our support portal. This access will allow you to send requests, ask for consultations and in turn track your pending and completed tasks along time used. This will ensure no more requests fall through the cracks.
  3. Start the Work
    Our team will review your task request, ask for clarifications and estimate time for completing along any associated costs. Upon approval we will efficiently work on your task and update you along the way.
  4. Billing and Reporting
    Depending on your contract, we bill your account and/or deduct time from your allotted hours. We uniquely track and log time in 15-minutes increments.

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