How can I send an email campaign from my Dashboard?

Depending on your subscribed plans, you may send email campaigns to your address book contacts.

To create a campaign, assuming you already have a template in place, follow these steps:

  1. From your left navigation, click on “Email Campaigns” and choose “Add Campaign
  2. Give a unique name to your Campaign so you can identify it later if you saved it as a draft
  3. Choose “Group“, i.e. Email List
  4. Select a “Template“, i.e. Designed Template*
  5. Review your “Email Content
  6. Click on “Save as Draft” if you want to work on your email campaign at a later point
  7. Click once on “Send” to push the email campaign right now and wait for confirmation

* When you select a “Template“, many fields are auto-filled and are editable for additional customization.

Advanced Tip: If you would like to schedule your email campaign to be sent out at a specific date and time, checkmark “Schedule Delivery” and make a selection. Once set, make sure you click on “Save Scheduled” button.



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